Les Piles is a Village of the "Conca de Barbera" in the province of Tarragona and autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain.

It is located in the north-east part of the county and it came out from the drainage of severals streams and cliffs going into the river Gaià.

It is a village where domestic tourism is particularly important due to the summer camp Món serè, the castle of Biure and numerous monuments of Romanesque art. 

Les Piles currently has 211 inhabitants; some of them still base their lives on farming and ranching.



C-241 Montblanc - Les Piles - Igualada

A-2 motorway exit 532 La Panadella

Ap-2 motorway exit 9 (Montblanc) (24 km)

Ap-2 motorway exit 10 (El Pla de Sta Maria) (25 km)


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